2ND Construction technology forum in dubai marina frugal innovations

Piersoft is one of the proud sponsors of Construction Technology Forum (CTF) 2019 event organised in Dubai during the 24th-25th September 2019. CTF brings together leaders from around the globe to discuss real technology use-cases in today’s mega construction projects.

From among over 200 plus senior delegates, 50 plus superstar speakers and 15 plus countries represented, Piesoft was the only unique digital transformation solutions company which has presented realistic technology solutions that are specifically designed for the construction industry.

Piersoft brings unique amalgamation of competencies from both the worlds- construction and IT industries. Promoted by KMV Group based out of Hyderabad that has a legacy of over 100 years in progressively delivering infrastructure and construction projects, Piersoft offers practical solutions deriving from deep know-how of construction business processes, and implementation & integration expertise of core ERPs with robust add-on applications with cutting edge Technology products.

The CTF 2019 event witnessed quite a few technology providers from across the globe expounding about various megatrends being embraced by the construction industry. Highlighting about the megatrend bottlenecks faced by construction companies, Mr. Prudhviram said “Megatrends are not getting democratised due to industry specific challenges such as undercapitalization, harsh site environment and temporary nature of construction projects, very specific & complex processes unique to construction vertical that require deep customisations etc”.

For effective migration to higher levels of digital transformation, Mr. Prudhviram said “Typical ERP systems help organisational level efficiency & productivity which serves only coordination among departments, paperless process flows. Not all end users are integrated to ERP systems. An enabling architecture on top of a core ERP that integrates most of the end users as well as external business partners is indispensable for a meaningful journey to higher levels of digital transformation.”

Detailing about the enabling architecture for an effective digital transformation, Mr. Prudhviram explained “Years of construction industry experience and deep know-how of construction activities and specific processes helped Piersoft build an enabling architecture around the core ERPs that provide right kind of platform to leapfrog to higher levels of Digital Transformation using Piersoft’s proprietary add-on plugins and IOTs. Our solution target to improve efficiency and productivity at business level that is beyond just the organisational level”

More specifically Piersoft has showcased its products that help companies seamlessly and meaningfully adopt the megatrends in their digital transformation journey. Piersoft’s Portal 360 include a number of modular functional applications such as Vendor 360 that integrates vendors to ERP, Project 360 which provides real-time intelligence to all stakeholders with cross functional and multi processes convergences , Wearhouse 360 and Fleet 360 which integrates P&M assets and warehouses to the core ERP, Portfolio 360 which provides project wise P&L and Budget performances. Overall Piersoft’s rallying theme at CTF 2019 event is that practical solution based on deep domain expertise are the need of the hour for immediate ROI, and to be ready for next big leap forward in Digital Transformation.

About Piersoft: Founded in 2015, Piersoft is an emerging technology advisory and digital solutions company pioneering in next-generation digital transformation solutions helping is clients in their mobile, social, analytics, IOTs and cloud journey. Piersoft has successfully gained core-competencies in accelerating value realization for its clients by quickly identifying digital business transformation opportunities and seamlessly bringing them to fruition. Piersoft not only helps its clients to examine their organizational capabilities and strategic priorities from the context of fast-changing digital landscape; but also, to identify gaps and opportunities and develop a digital transformation road map.

About KMV Group: KMV Group is carrying forward more than 100 years legacy of sustainable growth in construction industry. KMV Projects Ltd, a flagship company of KMV group is one of the leading engineering and construction companies operating in fourteen states across India with a turnover of USD 357 million in FY 2018-2019. KMV group is active in Roads & bridges, Airports, Metro Rail Terminals, Irrigation, Prefabricated & Precast Buildings, Industrial, Healthcare, institutional buildings and in Real-estate sectors.